Juice: The Natural Elixir

Centuries ago, witches would gather and brew their tonics and elixirs. Using herbs from nature, they devised recipes for everything from increasing sex drive, to curing a common cold, and even extending one’s life. Juicing is the modern equivalent for this alchemist sorcery. Just as witches used herbs to create their elixirs, we use vegetables and fruits to create healthy drinks. Juicing is one of those magical practices that can tap into the inexhaustible reservoir that Mother Nature has so graciously provided for us. Without a doubt, modern science is beginning to go back to the roots and discover new benefits of natural ingredients.

some juices

Nutrition is a primary concern for the elderly because as their body grow, they would lose their appetite due to losing their sense of taste. Therefore, for them, if they cannot get enough nutritional food their health would get worse at a faster rate. Here is where juicing can help the elderly in creative ways because a healthy smoothie does not have to taste horrible and it pack necessary vitamins and nutrients that would make up for the lost benefits from normal food. Juice is relatively simple to prepare, and you can carry it around with ease.

Juices are easy to digest, so they would not affect the fragile digestive system of seniors. Juicing could be the missing link for older adults who are living alone or who do not have enough time to prepare full meals. If consumed with enough regularity, they can even delay the need for long term care in an assisted living facility (which is an expensive proposition indeed!).

If you think about it, creating a healthy smoothie would take a few minutes when you know the ingredients. There are entire websites dedicated to juicing where you can find tons of healthy recipes, or you can visit your local juice bar and ask for the menu. You can even tailor your juice according to your condition.

Some juices would work wonders for treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. For example, green and leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach have a tremendous amount of folic acid, which prevent Alzheimer’s diseases and build up bones. In the same way, vitamin B is useful for red blood cells productions and allows the body to absorb more energy from food. Vitamin B9 has similar benefits, and it fights fatigue. Sometimes, the elderly require special care and juicing could be a true friend for the aging people since it is adjustable to each condition and offer numerous benefits regarding general health.

Juicing could seem a long order, it requires gathering the ingredients, washing, cleaning, and preparing them. Finding and tailoring recipes could require a lot of research too. However, all of that will add up in the end, and it can really be the difference between living a healthy life and merely surviving those golden years. It does not have to be that way, it just needs a little planning, and the rest will follow. In conclusion, the magic of juicing might be what the elderly need to lead a healthy, happy life, and possibly regain some of their youth like the olden days!