Do not use laziness as an excuse

You only have to understand what you are capable of

Your body will only respond to your mind. If you’re not moving your body, you’re not moving your mind. That’s the connection. It might feel like you’re just trying to get around the room, but you don’t need to. You’re not just going to sit and you need to be mindful with how you’re using your arms. It’s like that quote in one of the books, “You just don’t know what you’re capable of until you lose it.”

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So that’s really what this program is about. A very good definition of courage I love to use is the courage to fail. You will fail. You will fail bad. I think, in this program, that’s part of what we’re really about because we’re going to try to get you to fail. I did not go to graduate school. I did not write a book. I have a wife and kids, but still, you can’t fail in business, you can’t fail in life. Even if you don’t win every time, you have to accept failure as a part of life. So that’s what we’re doing with this program. We’re going to push you, but we are going to give you a little bit of an excuse to fail. That’s what this program is about. That’s what I’ve come to realize that I’m really trying to do with this. I am pushing you to fail, in a sense, is push you to want to fail, because I want to use that as an excuse.

pushing program

You go through all this process to get to a place where you can lose your mind. Even if you think that because you’re so smart, the best thing is to just to keep doing what you’re doing, keep doing what you think is right, you can’t just lose your mind. You can’t lose anything. All your thoughts are not true. Anything you think about is not true. There’s no way to be, you have to do it and move yourself to make it happen!