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  1. How to lifts weights properly

    A common mistake many people make is trying to lift heavy weights by leaning forward.

    This practice locks them out of their natural position on the side of their glutes and hamstrings. Instead, when you squat and deadlift, maintain a neutral spine position and load up through your core and through the heels of your …

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  2. After illness daily revover exercises

    You can get started with the daily tasks. There are many different things that you could experience after you had cancer, etc.

    You can also feel tired from cancer, including fatigue, difficulty sleeping, nausea that is uncontrollable. After the end of your treatment, you may feel so exhausted that you need to retire to the …

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  3. Simple strength training guide for vegans

    The best strength-training programs may require a month of dedicated training, and you can find programs which start with no prior experience.

    In the guide we also discuss the role of nutrition, stress, and other factors associated with longevity. It’s important to note that this program doesn’t cover the basics of nutrition. Most …

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  4. Legs are the biggest muscles in the body.

    If you have no idea how to take care of your legs, here's a quick exercise that should get the job done without you having to worry about which way is the fastest way to train legs.

    It's simply going straight down as fast as you possibly can. Take two or three squats legs in …

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